Bucceri Snow Making has signed a worldwide distribution Agreement with tSufag and is proud to be associated with a world wide leader in the business of snow.

Sufag is a division of the MND Group is a French holding that consists of several European companies that are all internationally well-known and that are specialized in supply and installation of equipment and services that are needed for developing, securing and fitting mountain, sport and outdoor resorts as well as indoor sport and leisure facilities.


As a brief summary, the 5 manufacturing companies that belong to MND Group are :


  • Sufag SAS : 2nd world constructor of snow guns and snowmaking systems, which seat is now at MND Group headquarter in France after merging the activities of three companies (Austrian Sufag GmbH one of the pioneer of snow activity in Europe and since long partner of FIS, Swedish Areco in which factory all snow fan guns of the group are now assembled and Snowstar in Italy that has developed the most advanced control system presently available on the market)  that have been purchased by MND Group between 2011 and 2013. Thanks to past cooperation with Ice Flake machine manufacturers and more recently distribution agreement with Bucceri Sufag has now become very active in the ski/snow dome business as well as in the snow production in positive temperatures.
  • MBS SAS : world leader for the supply and installation of safety, fencing and signing ski slope equipment as well as of FIS homologated competition equipment. MBS has recently supply all competition equipment for Winter Universiade Games that will take place at end of the month in Almaty – Kazakhstan.
  • TAS SAS : world leader for snow avalanche control thanks to its unique explosive free technology for preventive avalanche triggering. TAS provides as well other hazard prevention and protection equipment such as rockfall and landslide protection barriers.  
  • LST Ropeway GmbH : 4th European ropeway lift constructor and 3rd world conveyor belt constructor (boarding and transport), LST was born after merging historical German ropeway constructor Loipolder GmbH (worldwide famous for its simple and high quality lifts with all components that are made and assembled in our factory near Münich in Germany and that require low maintenance cost and manpower) together with conveyor manufacturing activity purchased by MND Group from Italian company Compac after its bankrupcy. LST is presently introducing brand new and revolutionary  technologies for detachable ropeways as well as for urban transport by ropeways.
  • Techfun SAS : company specialized in the design, supply and installation of fun and adrenalin oriented outdoor or indoor leisure equipment and parks based on adventure in the heights (i.e. adventure parks, zip lines, via ferrata, climbing walls,…) and on winter or summer sliding (alpine coaster, alpine slide, bob karts, mountain scooters, sledges, tubing,…). Among some important references and products that might be of interest for you :
    • first Via Ferrata ever completed in China (close to Beijing) after which Techfun several other ones in other provinces.
    • Kinabalu mount (Borneo) via ferrata, the highest one ever built in the world.
    • Urban Via Ferrata on Macao tower  
    • Brand new concept of monorail alpine coaster that is now under construction in France
    • Full range of zip lines including for special application
    • Development of leisure activity concept for snow dome with first reference in the middle East  


You may find details about MND Group, its companies and all their products in its web site http://www.mnd-group.com/en/ where they are also links to all the other web sites of companies belonging to the group.

Please contact us or Eddy Frere for more information.

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