B4-7 Product Details

  • Uses fresh, recycled snow or ice to clone and multiply the snow.
  • Can provide snow seeding at a rate of 50 to 400 kilograms of snow per minute to mix with water and create additional snow in large quantities.
  • Makes high quality snow and converts water to snow at temperatures as low as 0° celsius (wet bulb).
  • Small unit with low energy requirements for snow output.
  • Competitively priced and inexpensive to operate.
  • Uses the patented Bucceri Multiplier Effect to clone snow (e.g. Starts with 50m³ to make 100m³ then 100m³ to make 200m³, 200m³ to 400m³, etc.)
  • Click here for a product comparison showing what the B4-7 is capable of on your ski fields.